Kolchuga® sets new standards of safety and reliability

In order to create perfect protection for the engine, we used the most revolutionary technologies and patents, thoroughly thought everything over and implemented it in steel.

Safety system

Due to the innovative system Take-Off® we solved the issue of the unobstructed emergency engine movement in the accident. Nothing will prevent the car components form performing their functions of energy absorption in the event of a vehicle crash. The steel skid plate is released from its holders when the load-bearing elements of the car body are deformed

Energy absorbing beams

OFF-Energy® The basis of the system is the energy-absorbing beam able to tame any strength. The construction with the specially provided ability to deform is always ready to take impact energy in case of running over and obstacle or a car accident. In some models, the width of the beam equals 8 mm.


To prevent engine and gearbox overheating, in the front part of the steel skid plate, we placed special blocks of rents to assure necessary airflow for heat elimination. While the car is moving, the air is going through the rents, absorbs heat and efficiently eliminates it.

It is simple and elegant. In order to achieve this, we had to minimize the wind drag.

Resilience system

Special elements of cupping operation assure additional rigidity where the steel skid plat4e can be possibly damaged while running over an obstacle


One of the difficult tasks the engineers had to solve is how to protect the surface of the steel skid plate from corrosion. The use of powder paints, even with multilevel preparation, didn't give the necessary result.

Having worked out different options, we chose ZiPoFlex® technologies. This elastic zinc-polymer composite is able to withstand not only the atmospheric but also mechanic influences.

Service system

It is obvious for us that the best steel skid plate must be the most comfortable to use, let alone safety and reliability. The use of Quick WittED system allows for routine maintenance, including oil change and filters, without removing the steel skid plate completely but only the part where maintenance is to be done.

Additional wings and
elements of side protection

You can drive along an earth road without worrying that dirt and dust will get into the engine compartment. With these helpers, car wiring and unit protection inside the engine compartment moves on to the next level, which will open more possibilities for You. Additional protective elements is a remarkable and reliable way to fight moisture and dirt. They are useful in case You get into a puddle and a deep snowdrift.

Reinforcement ribs

Combining the most advanced technologies, we created a light and reliable steel skid plate. For this, it was necessary to use the technology of element bulk forming. The result is an extremely light and strikingly reliable steel skid plate.

Shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are made of high quality rubber, they are elastic and reliable. They can withstand both freezing and heating temperatures. They are always ready to operate and reliably block unnecessary noise.